Individuals are a system.

Family is a system.

Community is a system. 

People have a strong desire to make sense of experience. Due to the need for stability and predictability, expected patterns of communication are created by the system that are resistant to change. Systems are repeatedly communicating across other systems and within systems and create multigenerational patterns.


This is the beginning of systemic thinking and theory. 

Humans are adaptable and can form new patterns and meaning. 

Linear thinking or linear causality means an event at one time causes another to occur later

(A + B = C or This + That = Result).


Systemic theory believes causality is circular. There is not necessarily a beginning or end. This is why we feel stuck.

Systemic theory opens the opportunity to make a change at any point in the circle to create positive movement. The therapeutic journey is to name the circle or continuing pattern and investigate points of possible change.