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Psychotherapy for Individual


We all need someone to hear us and see us within the context of our complex and often difficult lives. Therapy Cooperative offers a brave and validating environment where you and your therapist can explore together in hope of lighten the burden you carry.

Individual sessions run 50 minutes long. In the first session, we will work to build our therapeutic relationship and set goals. In following sessions, we will gently and constructively challenge unhelpful patterns that are not serving you. Through a series of curiosities, it is our hope that you will come to a satisfying solution for yourself.

Your responsibility in the therapeutic process is to allow yourself to be curious. Join. When you are ready, set an intention of letting yourself and your truth be known. Outside of sessions, your responsibility is to attend to the intentions that you set for yourself. Notice when and if the unhelpful cycle shows up and bring that to be explored in therapy. The hope is that you take ownership over the process and that ownership echoes out into your life.

Vanitha, Hattie, Aleksandra, and Todd offer individual psychotherapy sessions.

Individual Sessions are 19.000 kr. per session.

NOTE: For 2023, the national healthcare system in Iceland has established a standard fee of 20.000 to 22.000 kr. per sessoin for mental healthcare services. We work at a slightly lower rate than expected. We, also, offer grants for those needing finacial support. Each therapist charges the same amount. Intake/Disclosure Statement can be found on the individual therapist pages. This has information regarding Billing, Fees, Association Information, and Client Records.

We offer Grants and Union information on the Home Page.

Online & Distance Sessions


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