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Couples & Relationship Psychotherapy


Welcome. Relationship sessions run 55 minutes long. The first session will be with both or all of you. This session is focused on assessment and being sure everyone is heard. We will work to build our therapeutic relationship. We will co-create goals and set intentions. It is an opportunity to get to know me and ask any questions about the journey. In following sessions, we will gently and constructively challenge unhelpful patterns that are not serving the relationship.

In the helping process, I draw from a variety of evidence-based and empirically supported theoretical orientations while recognizing the need to attend to cultural and other forms of human diversity. I am guided by an integration of Emotionally-Focused Therapy, Gottman Method, Narrative Therapy, and Internal Family Systems. My belief is that psychotherapy is a journey we travel together.

We will consider your experience in family context as well as the broader social, spiritual, and political framework. We may question the effect of gender roles and stereotyping as well as investigating our cultural understanding. We may use creative arts to bridge the relationship between language and action. We may spend time unblocking emotional expression and opening up to your inner experience.

We may look at the intersection of identities and the social construction of our experience. Culture, privilege, racism, heterosexism, oppression, classism, ageism, ableism, etc. are important contextual elements that play a role in our lives and are considered when determining goals and strengths.

I advocate for, honor, and am inclusive of all gender and sexual diversities communities as well as the variety non-dyadic intimate relationships.

In relational therapy, your responsibility is to allow yourself to be curious and interested in your own internal thoughts, feelings, fears, and dreams with a willingness to share those with your partner(s) and to listen to your partner's shared (softer) feelings as well. Outside of sessions, your responsibility is to see if you can work together to notice and call out when the unhelpful cycle shows up and to stay curious in those moments about your own thoughts, feelings, and fears and then bring to explore in therapy.

Therapy can be a challenging, cathartic, difficult, amazing, eye-opening, and beautiful process. I will be there to guide and support you in our sessions together and will help to bring about positive change.

Couples/Relationship Sessions are 21.000 kr. per session. 

Online & Distance Sessions


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