As a Social Justice Psychotherapists, Todd and Aleksandra advocate for mental health care access. The hope is that mental health care is included in the universal healthcare system and guided by the consumer. Until then, we do offer a limited number of grants to support clients in financial hardship that do not have access to union/association assistance. You may inquire about availability and more details regarding these offers. 

The grant offered is 8 sessions for 6000 kr. per session. You do not need to use all the sessions. The grant expires 4 months after the grant in offered if all sessions have not been used. If all available grants are being use, you may be put you on the waitlist. 


Samtökin 78 offers grants to those who identify in the LGBT+, BDSM, Poly, and all of the Gender and Sexual Diversities communities. The grant is also offered to family and friends who need a space to talk about LGBT+ topics or navigate their relationship with someone in the LGBT+ community. 


The grant offered is 3 sessions of therapy for free. Therapy may be individual, couples and relationships, or family sessions. At the completion of the 3 sessions, it is up to you and the therapist to reach an agreement about payment if you wish to continue therapy. As a part of Samtökin 78 grant, there might be a form that needs to be completed before each session. Though there is an awareness of privacy and safety, this survey and questionnaire is NOT entirely anonymous

If you are using the S78 grant, you need to call or email Samtökin 78 to set an appointment. Just ask to be set up with an appointment with Todd. Aleksandra does not work for Samtökin 78 at this time. 

+354 552 7878


Many unions and associations pay for the services of self-employed psychologists. Contact your union, association, or your community service for more information. In addition, local social services help in many cases to subsidize the costs. This information below was posted in 2018 and may have changed without our knowledge. Please check with your union for up-to-date information.



For each time 5,000.- up to 15 times a year.



For each time a maximum of 6,000.-, but never more than 50% of the cost up to 15 times

every 12 months.


Hlíf verkalýðsfélag:

For each time a maximum of 6,000.-, but never more than 50% of the cost up to 15 times

every 12 months.


Kennarasamband Íslands:

Fund members can apply for a maximum of 10,000 for each time up to 10 times

every 12 months.


Póstmannafélag Íslands:

for each time 4,500.- never more than 50% of the cost up to 15 times a year.


Rafiðnaðarsamband Íslands:

For each time 40% of the cost up to 25 times.


Samtök starfsmanna fjármálafyrirtækja:

For each time a maximum of 10,000 to a maximum of 10 times a year.



For each time a maximum of 5,000.- up to 15 times a calendar year.


Verkfræðingafélag Íslands:

The annual grant amount is 75% of the year's premiums for the fund members in question, see the company's rules about health support.



Up to 55,000 a year, depends on the funds in the reserve.


Flugfreyjufélag Íslands:

For each time 3,000- to a maximum of 30,000.- over a 12 month period.


Landssamband Lögreglumanna:

For each time 6,000.- up to 10 times a year.

BHM does not reimburse. 

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