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My practice involves working with adults, children, adolescents, and teenagers. 


Sometimes people seek therapy to work through long-standing struggles or trauma. Other times therapy is in response to unexpected changes in one's life. Many seek therapy in pursuit of their own personal exploration and growth.


Examples of possible improvements in therapy include: reduction of depression or anxiety, improving relationships, feeling better, improving life satisfaction, grieving a loss, finding clarity and understanding, increasing self-esteem, managing stress, shame reduction, or discovering parts of self.

What to expect

In the first session, we will work to build our therapeutic relationship. You have entered this journey with a question. We will begin by discovering what your question is and why you are asking it at this particular point in life. We will co-create goals and set intentions. Through a series of curiosities, it is my hope that you will come to a satisfying solution for yourself.

In the helping process, I draw from a variety of evidence-based and empirically supported theoretical orientations while recognizing the need to attend to cultural and other forms of human diversity. I believe that the approach comes from the client. I am guided by a Postmodern Systemic approach as well as Experiential therapies, Feminist theory, and creative arts therapies. I am also trained in Cognitive-Behavioral (CBT) and certified in Narrative Therapy. 

We will consider your experience in family context as well as the broader social, spiritual, and political framework. Possibilities along our journey will be inspired by you. We may question the effect of gender roles and stereotyping as well as investigating our cultural understanding. We may use creative arts to bridge the relationship between language and action. We may spend time unblocking emotional expression and opening up to your inner experience.


We may look at the intersection of identities and the social construction of our experience. Culture, privilege, racism, heterosexism, oppression, classism, ageism, ableism, etc. are important contextual elements that play a role in our lives and are considered when determining goals and strengths.


I am LGBTQIA-friendly, poly-friendly, kink-friendly and I am inclusive of all gender and sexual diversities.