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Aleksandra Urukalo Mihaljenović

Aleksandra works with individuals

age 18 and up.


If you would like to make an appointment or ask a question, feel free to contact her at:

You may also book online. 

Psychotherapy is a collaborative and cooperative journey involving active listening, giving voice to thoughts and feelings, creative expression, and increasing self-awareness in a brave and validating space. The objective of therapy is to help you reach your goals.

Sometimes people seek therapy to work through long-standing struggles. Other times therapy is in response to unexpected changes or impact in one's life. Many seek therapy in pursuit of their own personal exploration and growth.

Examples of possible improvements in therapy include: reduction of depression or anxiety, improving relationships, feeling better, improving life satisfaction, grieving a loss, finding clarity and understanding, increasing self-esteem, managing stress, shame reduction, better sex, better communication, or discovering parts of self.

​You have already made the first step. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Please be kind to yourself.


Todd Edward Kulczyk

Todd works with

Couples & Relationships

age 16 and up. 


If you would like to make an appointment or  ask a question, feel free to contact him at:

You may also book online.

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